What is MountainCorals.org?

Mountain Corals is a concept created to help fuel a Reef Aquarium Project in Roanoke, Virginia. Roanoke is a beautiful mountainous area in Southwestern Virginia. A local City Center, Center in the Square, serves as a cultural hub in the heart of downtown. During a recent renovation an 8,000 Gallon reef aquarium system was installed right in the main lobby to serve as an attraction for guests and spark tourism and foot traffic into the building. The aquarium is completely free to the public but as any aquarist knows very expensive to run. 100% of the proceeds from every sale on MountainCorals.org goes directly to the care of operation of our aquarium.

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What is your “Arrive Alive” guarantee?

http://function-first-lincoln.co.uk/random-ramblings-of-martial-anarcho-philosoph/ We take every measure possible to ensure safe shipment of coral from our facility to your home aquarium. However, we must always keep in mind that we are shipping fragile living animals and there will be an occasional incident. If a coral does not survive shipment do NOT throw any corals away as we may request you provide photo documentation of the specimen. We must require email notification of a failed shipment within 4 hours of delivery.

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How long do you heal your frags before shipping?

We give our corals at least 30 days healing time before shipping. If we are cutting single heads we will give extended heal time when necessary to ensure the coral will safely handle the shipping process.

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Where do you get your corals?

How Do I Get Prescribed Xanax Online Our coral colonies are all hand selected from a Wholesale distributer/coral importer out of North Carolina. We make weekly trips down to select only the pieces we feel are top grade colonies. It is our goal to never take more than we need.

What do you use to cut your frags?

We cut most of our frags with a Gryphon diamond blade bandsaw. Tom Savage Jersey